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Date: November 25th

Time: 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Place: second-floor gallery at the Historic City Hall at 1001 Ryan Street in Lake Charles

Upcoming Classes

  • Figure Drawing
    Sat, Feb 11
    Imperial Calcasieu Museum
    Drawing for Fun: Join others in a figure drawing class (drawing people) with instructor and Gallery by the Lake member Judy Newman.


Dan Plummer: In Depth

November 25th 2022 through January 28th 2023

 I’ve been fascinated with 3-D imagery since I was a kid looking through a GAF View Master, so creating this set of pictures – some whimsical and some more somber – has been a special project for me”

- Dan Plummer

 Historic City Hall Hours  Tuesdays through Saturdays:

10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Dan Plummer’s contribution to the “In Depth” theme is a series of stereoscopic 3-D images made mainly in Southwest Louisiana.  Pairs of images captured by two side-by-side cameras come to life when viewed through stereoscopic lenses or red/blue glasses.  The subject matter comprises Dan’s interpretations of natural and man-altered landscapes, local architecture, culture, and more.

Dan is a Lake Charles resident and amateur photographer who likes to shoot pictures of the landscapes and wildlife in Southwest Louisiana or wherever he happens to be.  He took up photography more seriously after retiring from the chemical industry in 2016.  He is a member and President of Gallery by the Lake in Lake Charles and a member of the Praxis Photo Arts Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Other members of Gallery by the Lake will be exhibiting art under their own interpretations of the “In Depth” theme



Where to Find US

2nd Floor of the Historic City Hall 

1001 Ryan St.

Lake Charles, LA 70601

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